Swimming Pool Services

Key West Pools offers professional pool opening and closing services, liner replacements, renovations and filtration repairs. You can count on us to deliver prompt service and first rate results every time. Please see the descriptions of each of these services below. For prompt service, we ask customers call or email at least two weeks in advance to schedule!

Pool Opening Package

  • Cover removal, washing, and folding
  • Filter start up
  • Removal of winterization plugs
  • Addition of D.E., ph adjuster, shock, and algaecide
  • Installation of hand rail and/or ladder

Friendly reminders:
**Please have pool water at the running level prior to our arrival to avoid rescheduling**
**Salt for saltwater chlorine generators is available for an additional charge and can be left poolside at the time of opening if requested.**

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Pool Closing Package

  • Addition of ph adjuster, shock, and winter algaecide
  • Lower pool water to winterization level
  • Drain and clean filter
  • Drain pump, heater (if applicable) and fittings at filter
  • Blow out all lines to pool
  • Removal of hand rails and/or ladder
  • Placement of winter cover on pool
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Inground Pool Liner Replacement

In-ground swimming pool liners eventually, wear out. When that time comes, Key West offers free estimates on custom-made replacement pool liners. We measure each pool to ensure a perfect fit every time! During this process, we will also inspect your pool walls and bottom and address any issues we find or concerns that you may have prior to liner installation. We offer affordable in-ground pool cost and in-ground pool prices. We also offer in-ground pool covers.

Arden Tile
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Baden Tile
Copley Print

Carringon Tile
Vermilion Print

Catalina Tile
Vermilion Print

Cordova Tile
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Escher Tile
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Freeport Tile
Bahama Print

Grand Tile
Sand Pebble Print

Hampton Tile
Reflections Print

Las Olas Tile
Diffusion Print

Medallion Tile
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Park Ave Tile
Sandstone Print

Raleigh Tile
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Savannah Tile
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Siesta Tile
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Spiral Tile
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Sunburst Tile
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Verona Tile
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Vienna Tile
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Pool Repairs & Pool Renovations

Key West Pools offers replacement pumps and filters for most major brands. Our prompt service will have your pool back up and running in quick time. If you have a pool that is in need of major repairs, we have the expertise to complete even large scale inground pool renovations. With over 28 years’ experience, Key West has the ability to turn your nightmare into a daydream!

Free Estimates

As a professional pool service company, we take pride in the work we do, striving to satisfy the needs of our customers and keep their pools running flawlessly. We put our customers first, which is why we offer free estimates on all of our services to give you peace of mind when it comes to costs as well as insight into the project itself. We’ll work with you to accomplish your visions for the perfect backyard oasis.

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